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Peter George has been a naughty boy

My thanks to reader K for the headsup on this one. Check out this little section of this news release dated January 12th 2016 (your humble scribe's highlights):
Mr. Peter Thomas George, P.Geo., was the QP for the Barkerville Project in B.C., owned by Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. Faced with a public hearing, Mr. George entered into a Consent Order with APEGBC by which Mr. George admitted to unprofessional conduct in producing a substandard technical report for Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. that failed to meet the requirements of NI 43-101.
Mr. George also admitted to producing two substandard technical reports for Rubicon Minerals Corporation for its Phoenix Gold Project in Ontario. Mr. George must pay a fine of $15,000, costs of $20,000, and is subject to a number of conditions on his membership with APEGBC, including the requirement that he not perform mineral resource or reserve estimations as defined by NI 43-101.

Barkerville, ya say? Failed to meet 43-101 requirements, ya say? And Rubicon, ya say? Problem with the geological model at Phoenix, ya say? Now why does that one suddenly spring to mind...

Oh by the way, Peter George is the very same geol who brought us the Pretium (PVG) gold resource numbers but hey....fuggetaboutit.

PS: Reader MZ also reminds your author that Peter George was the man behind the Sans Gold resource. Spot any connections yet, Canada?

PPS: And reader JM notes that, "Peter George did Gold Eagle Mines "geologic potential" in Red Lake right before Goldcorp paid $1.5B for the company. You could ask Goldcorp how well there Cochenour (Bruce Channel deposit) project is going but there is a pretty common theme forming here".

UPDATE: Good mailbag received on this from reader R, here.

UPDATE 2: IKN receives this from PretiVm investor relations:
In regards to the post Peter George has been a naughty boy  January 12, 2016
It states: “Oh by the way, Peter George is the very same geol who brought us the Pretium (PVG) gold resource number”
Peter George has had no association with Pretium’s Brucejack project and has never worked for Pretium Resources Inc. so the details you have posted are misleading.
I would request you make that correction or let me know how you substantiate that claim so I can address it.
Thank you
Troy Shultz, MBA
Manager, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Pretium Resources Inc. | Pretivm Value Through Gold
Direct Tel: 604.566.8758|Mobile: 604.561.5668
Suite 2300, Four Bentall Centre | PO Box 49334
1055 Dunsmuir Street | Vancouver  BC  Canada | V7X 1L4
Tel: 604.558.1784 | Toll Free: 1.877.558.1784 | Fax: 604.558.4784

So there you go, duly corrected.