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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Interpol re-captures Alberto Rotondo (from IKN350 out last night)

Another banana, all ready for TAHO to slip upon in public view in front of Guatemala's new government. Here's the piece:

Guatemala: Interpol re-captures Alberto Rotondo
Ex-military officer Alberto Rotondo was the man in charge of Tahoe Resources’ (TAHO) ( security detail at the time of the violent episodes at its Escobal mine that left sic anti-mining protesters with gunshot wounds. He was eventually arrested and was under house arrest in Guatemala and due to face the courts this month of January 2016, but in November he escaped and made his way back to his native Peru.

On Friday Interpol informed the world (14) that it had re-captured Rotondo on petition of the Guatemala government and the extradition process to send him back to Guatemala in order to face trial has begun.

TAHO will say that Rotondo was never an employee, just a mere contractor of the firm and doesn't work there any longer. Washing their hands of dirty affairs, such as the recent unreported death of a worker, is the M.O. under MacArthur.