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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( pours gold at Shahuindo, tells nobody

On December 22nd the Shahuindo gold mine in Cajamarca owned by TAHO poured its first gold.

So where's the freakin' NR Kevin?

First these jokers conceal a worker death, now they're hiding the Shahuindo public disclosure news. WTF is going on at this company, they run by the Mob with a vow of Omerta or something?

UPDATE lunchtime Tuesday 5th: To answer a couple of mails received (and potentially head others off at the pass), no, I'm not making this up (my kung fu is greater than etc etc). Shahuindo has produced its first gold, it was poured on December 22nd 2015, TAHO hasn't bothered to tell anyone. As for why, you ask 'em not me. Ira will love to take your call, I'm sure.