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The Friday OT: J. Balvin; Ginza

If you spend more than half an hour in a taxi in South America at the moment, you'll hear this tune on the radio. The year's summer hit down this way, hands down.

Now at 364 million Youtube plays (just the official version, there's about a squillion remixes out there too). Pepsi product placement, deluxe video, the whole nine yards. And to give you an idea of the philosophical poetry, here's the chorus and a translation.

si necesitas reggaeton, dale (If you need reggaeton, okay)
sigue bailando papi no pares (keep dancing daddy don't stop)
acercate a mi pantalon dale (get close to my pants, c'mon)
vamos a pegarnos como animales(Let's get stuck together like animals)

I wonder what Cole Porter would make of it?