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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Continental Gold ( IKN congratulates Louis James of Casey Research on a good call". Tell you something Lobito, you sure are popular round these parts, anything I publish on you always gets consistently high hit numbers. Must be your winning smile...or perhaps the humility. 

Second Place: "Why have just one BOHICA day...", which was a lightweight post, basically me just moaning a bit and shaking my fist at the world for a few minutes (I wouldn't bother clicking through and looking, nothing special). But these sometimes hit a nerve with people and get extra eyeballs, seems to be the case this time too.

First Place: "The Can of Corn jumps the shark on copper". Oh I'm glad you liked this one because I did, too. It even featured the wonderful WTF Parrot. Apparently somebody linked to this post on LinkedIn, because I got a hatful of hits from over there (don't use it myself).