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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "The Muck Pile is back". Hey I'm glad about this, for some reason this one got popular and a good thing too, the more people visit the best intel source on junior mining the better. Muckpile Mike has all the right things, deep knowledge of his subject (unlike IKN), sardonic wit and excellent curation skills. Everyone involved in the junior mining scene should read everything this guy writes, it's as simple as that.

Second Place: "12% up in 24 hours on the new position". Oh I bugged you three times last week about this, which was rather puerile of me but I'm happy to have finally picked a winner and timed the entry well. It's been a tough old time in the sector. Anyway, it ended up 20% and bits on the week, all after I'd made it the main feature in IKN350 last Sunday and bought some early Monday as a result. And if you're not a subber and want to know the name of the company just write a mail, I'll tell you by return post.

First Place: "The Vancouver promotion community LIX Frank's ass". And this post won the week's hit count by a country mile. It never ceases to amaze me how the feedback comes from a post on an obvious scam promo pump too, e.g. I get "Oh I'm glad somebody's said something at last!" from people who work in sellside brokerages, which begs the question as to why THEY don't say something (yeah, I'm talking about you G). Anyway, the LIX pump, destined to transfer cash from the green to the mean, is going to be fun to watch. Plus the bonus prize, we now know the true morality of "energy expert" Keith Schaefer. Anyone with any sense will ignore that pump artist forever.