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Venezuela: Well, that didn't take long

IKN December 27th, in prediction number 6 of the "ten random predictions for 2016" post:

6) Venezuela's government to implode. Maduro won't be President this time next year. It's likely to be very messy too. Venezuela has been the butt of annual "teetering on the brink" type of op-eds and articles every year for the last ten years with the right-wing press getting it wrong every time, but this time around things are obviously deteriorating and the opposition victory in the December elections just gone is a telling moment. Oil prices where they are could be straw that breaks this camel's back as China won't be so quick to bail them out this time. I don't know whether the PSUV party will fall from government, but the call is "govt implode" and "Maduro out", that's the thing.

Ten days later, on January 5th in Caracas Venezuela:
In its first day with majority power in Venezuela’s legislature, the opposition coalition of parties Tuesday threw down the gauntlet before socialist President Nicolas Maduro, saying it would try to legally remove him from power within six months.
The declaration from new National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup came at the end of a raucous day during which opposing sides exchanged catcalls and in which the socialist faction led by former assembly President Diosdado Cabello left the hall en masse before adjournment.
“We will recover our autonomous power, pass laws of amnesty and national reconciliation and look within six months for a constitutional, democratic, peaceful and electoral means of ending [Maduro’s] administration,” Ramos Allup said in his address to deputies. Continues here

For the record, in a couple of days' time, President Maduro is set to speak in front of the very same Congress in his country's annual presidential address to the nation. May you live in interesting times.