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Bart Simpson has a message for Teck, Yamana, Eldorado, HudBay and all companies hoodwinking the naive in their financial reports

Stop this, will you? "(Operating) cash flow before changes in (non-cash) working capital" or whatever other combo of words DOES NOT EXIST


You're making it up as you go along. You cannot mine something out the ground and then pretend the rock is still there. That's the reason why there are GAAP rules and that's why your freakin' made-up terminology IS NOT PART OF GAAP. Those four are offenders in the last three days, by the way, there are many more. This bullcrap way of hiding losses needs to be stamped on right now, it's getting way too common and people with more money than sense* are going to start thinking it means something.

*99% of people who invest in mining stocks