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"Best mining bios ever...ever"

So I get this mail from reader "J", an age-old sparring partner and IKN friend, with that "Best mining bios ever...ever" you see above in the title line of the mail. The mail's contents, nothing except this link to a company called Mingo Gold which says it has exploration properties (mostly gold) in Senegal.

I'll let you discover all the jewels available to the investigator of junior mining companies but I can't resist offering up just one sample, the biography of company president and CEO, Timothy Mingo;

Mr.Timothy C. Mingo

(CEO, President of Mingo Affiliates Services/ Mingo Gold)
As Founder, Managing Member, General Partner and Investment Adviser. Mr. Mingo also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and founding member of Olive Branch Home Buyer’s, LLC, a South Florida based real estate investment and development firm specializing in the areas of residential and commercial properties including acquisitions, construction, and development. For 24 years Timothy worked in the public sector for the Florida Department of Corrections (“FDC”) with a principal position as Warden of Prisons throughout the state before retiring in 2004. As Warden, he was responsible for care, custody, treatment of offenders and good order of all facilities. Administratively, he oversaw hiring, discipline, separation of employees, development and implementation of policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Timothy’s duties also included insuring security and safety control in the prison and in the general public. During his tenure with the FDC, he managed the construction of prison buildings as well.
Mr. Mingo received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management from Bethune- Cookman University in (1978) and his Certification in Public Management Degree from Florida State University (1992). Timothy received his Life, Health and Annuities license in 1990 and was an agent with Midland North American and Hartford Life Insurance Companies. Mr. Mingo obtained his Series 6 license and marketed mutual funds and retirement plans for First American Classics Securities and North American Management. Mr. Mingo has 16 years of experience trading equities and options and has extensive training and experience in options strategies, fundamentals, technical analysis and charting. As an expert in developing and managing budgets vital resources, management of maintenance and construction projects, preparation for and passing of inspections, audits and other compliance regulations, Mr. Mingo brings a wide range of portfolio experience to the SUPRA VANTAGE FUND, L.P which his investment company runs.

IKN once again takes you to places where others fear to tread. Thank you J, wonderful stuff. Full fun website here.