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Exchanging on Lithium X (LIX.v) with the right end of the street

You out there get to hear the haters pile on IKN for telling you the truth about Lithium X (LIX.v). It's a charge led by Tommy Humphreys, one of the "10 to 20" who now fears for his cheap scam payola in March. 

Meanwhile, IKN gets to exchange with real Howe St. people, the ones who are capitalists through and through but aren't trying to rip off the retail investor public at any given opportunity (and believe me, sadly the good'uns are the exception not the rule). Here below are two mails between your humble scribe and Person X this morning, who cannot possibly be named but has forgotten more than you or I know about the Canadian mining scene.

First what I wrote to Person X as a reply (to a first mail that I won't show you, I have permission to publish just one of his):
Correct and correct. 
I fell out bigtime with Tim Oliver when he decided to join that scam, told him in no uncertain words what I thought. So when he bailed I didn't get to hear from him firsthand (he's still mad at me, i don't care) but I know second-hand that he saw for himself the scam and, to give him credit, got out before his reputation was damaged. He can't make any public comments (obviously) and i dunno what he did with his options, but tail-between-legs exit, eso sin duda che.
It's a complete Vancouver Howe St BS special.

Now what Person X wrote back:
That’s the problem though. LIX won’t die suddenly. I’ve seen the movie before. The Giustra jet engine will suck in its followers into the jet-intake, the street will eat Frank’s 2 cents of acb from his shell for years to come. 10-20 people will make money on this, all Frank’s inner circle.

There are so many other ways you the retail investment community get ripped off by these sharks with smiling faces, but it's a window on just one of the techniques. I'm not telling you to go long or short LIX.v, I'm telling you to avoid these scam plays like the plague, it's high time these rip-offs got ignored and just atrophy on their own. Do Not Feed The Animals.

PS: Even though he's pissed at me, I'm glad Tim Oliver is out of LIX. He's an honourable guy and did the right thing. Hopefully one day he'll speak to me again.

PPS: Honoured your Patsy Cline bet yet, Frank? Planning to soon? Or were you "just joking around"?