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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....No.

Your humble scribe's mailbag today includes this. Surely they can't be this desperate to fill their speaking slots?


Message body

Dear Mark,

I was interested in talking to you about speaking at our Mines and Money Americas show. Our magazine, Mining Journal, just published a list of the most influential people in the Canadian mining industry mentioning your name.
Taking place 27 to 28 September in Toronto, we already have the support of 30 leading institutions such as BMO, TD Securities, Silver Wheaton, TSX and the Ontario Government. Early confirmed speakers include Rick Rule and Frank Holmes. Please see attached an agenda plus a press release about the event.
History of Mines and Money Americas
Mines and Money ( was established in 2003. We are the leader in global mining finance events. Institutional investors comprise 40% of our audience. In 2015 we had speakers such as Rick Rule, Evy Hambro, Robert Friedland, Don Lindsay, Frank Holmes and Pierre Lassonde. As such, we attract junior miners, majors and mid-tiers.
In 2016 we are launching Mines and Money Americas
What we would like you to address
I’d obviously need to have a conversation with you, but maybe you can sit on a panel discussing Latin America?