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IKN leads, the daily newspapers of Panama follow

Remember this IKN post on February 3rd about how Richard Fifer and Ken Morgan of (ex)Petaquilla Gold have had arrest warrants issued and Interpol on the case of getting them served? Well here's today's front page top story in Panama's national daily newspaper 'La Estrella', February 5th, two days on:

And here's the link to the report, which starts this way (translated):

The 16th Court Prosecutors of Panama have requested Interpol to arrest Richard Fifer, president of Petaquilla Minerals, and Kenneth William Morgan, co-signee or member of the company board of directors, for the alleged crime of fraud against the company Gold Dragon Capital.

A source related to Fifer told this newspaper that Fifer was not in Panama and is assumed to be in either Spain or Brazil. Regarding Morgan, the source indicated that he is in Canada, his country of residence. Continues here.

Hey, you get the feeling their "source" is this blog? Yeah, crossed my mind too, but real journalists could never admit to getting scooped by a blogger...oh no...