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It's so bullish out there in the miner's sector that...

...Great Panther Silver is over a Loonie again
...bankers are phoning Keith Neumeyer and offering him money.
...even IAMGOLD is going up.
...Metanor is getting buy calls from people who aren't paid by the company to tout the stock (Caesar's Report, Jay Taylor, usual suspects).
...people are mailing IKN Nerve Centre to tell your humble scribe about their pet theories for silver and how there will be no slump after PDAC.
...Carl Icahn looks as though he has a clue about commodities companies.
...the market thinks Capstone won't go broke.*

PS: Consider this a stop-gap offering, I'm still distracted by things outside of work and don't really have much inspiration to post a whole bunch at the moment. Check back another day for the frivolity and invective and revealing market-moving exclusives and stuff. Your life doesn't revolve around this blog, neither does mine.

UPDATE: Reader 'ST' chirps in with...

It's so bullish out there in the miner's sector that people are buying B2Gold

Oh, snap! Fret not ST, I can take 'em on the chin.

*okay, exaggerating there. Apologies.