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Peru presidential poll: Keiko's lead remains strong, Guzmán in clear second place

Pollster CPI came out with its latest voter intention poll for the Peru presidential election this morning and here's a chart with the main news:

  • Keiko's "thirty plus" rating has been solid for months and months, she remains the clear leader but doesn't have a chance of winning in round one (April 10th).
  • Julio Guzmán is having a good week. His candidacy problems have been (all but) cleared up by the Peru electoral body and he's going to be a candidate, no throwing out at the last minute. Plus this poll, which puts him in a clear second place in front of "the dinosaurs".
  • César Acuña is down 5.3% from the last CPI poll of last month and is not having a good week. Not having a good year in fact. Good. Goodbye.
  • PPK has dropped away badly and Alan García's campaign has been a dead duck so far. Both surprises for your humble scribe, both part of Peru's shift away from The Usual Suspects and towards the new face of Guzmán.
  • The above covers 72.5% of voter intention. The rest is covered by the minor vote candidates (there are another 13 left in, intention for each starts at 4.1% and goes lower and lower) and the spoil ballot/don't know/no answer brigade.

Bottom line: It's going to be Guzmán versus Keiko in the second round run-off.