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Place your bets for the next financing (IKN sez MUX)

Tonight we have PretiVm Roman Empire (PVG) going for U$120m. We also have MAG Silver ( (MVG) going bot deal on U$65m. So the obvious question is....who's next?

IKN's ten shillings and sixpence is on McEwen Mining (MUX) because:
  • Robbie Mac is many things, but theres no denying he's sharp as a tack.
  • The base shelf prospectus is already filed pre-Xmas, sitting there all ready and waiting.
  • He wants maybe U$50m to build Gold Bar.
  • The stock has doubled and back to an honourable level. He won't get pushback on dilution.

So there you go. Got any better ideas out there?