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PretiVm (PVG) ( forgot to thank its ex-COO

A big chunky NR from Pretium PretiVm oh aren't we all cool and Roman Empire Resources (PVG) ( this morning and as I started reading it, it was all a bit weird. The first 34 paragraphs (slight exaggeration, but it did feel like that) was nothing that we didn't know already. The costs...the new costs (disclosed last September), the capex gap of $100m (they should be able to cover that one, as long as the market's trust of SRK hasn't gone completely) was all rather strange to get big long "news" release that was just re-hashing previously published materia.....ah! Wait! What's this?

There it was on paragraph 35:
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer James A. Currie has left the company to pursue other interests. Mr. Currie joined Pretivm in early 2014 and has played an important role in the development progress to date at Brucejack, having established highly competent engineering and operations teams which continue to perform effectively.
It's normally at this point when a company "would like to thank Mr. Currie for his outstanding..." etc etc, but that seems to be missing. And it turns out that all the blahblah in the run-up to the only piece of material news in today's NR, that PVG's COO has resigned suddenly to pursue other interests (fishing?), was to introduce his kinda-sorta successor who isn't a COO but a "project advisor". Based in Australia. 

Well, can't see any problems there, can you?

PS: Feeling a bit better this morning, thanks for asking.