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Taseko Mines ( (TGB) management has a long track record of insider trading

The latest salvo from Raging River in its proxy battle with Taskeo Mines ( (TGB) includes an accusation that TKO management were insider trading their own stock in early 2016:
"...Raging River has become aware that Director and CEO Russ Hallbauer and Vice President Brian Battison bought 652,074 shares and 31,000 shares respectively in the month of January, 2016 based on material non-public information of the $70MM Red Kite financing, executed on January 29, 2016 and the filing of a material change report on February 8, 2016."

This is no surprise for IKN, because this humble corner of cyberspace marked these same bunch of self-servers doing the same thing as far back as 2010, when TKO management awarded themselves literally millions of options the day before they emitted a NR that saw the stock jump over 10%.  There are other suspicious examples of "Leaky Boat" at TKO over the years, too. Raging River, you guys should hire me.