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The First Mining Finance (FF.v) business model

I have paper.
You have shit.
Let's do a deal.
I'll give you my paper.
You give me your shit.

FF.v dilutes the only decent asset on its books even further (ex-Coastal Gold) with another laughable deal. Clifton Star (CFO.v), dog among dogs, moves into the stable of crud in exchange for 48m shares and will now be marketed as "Osisko will pick it up from us, just you watch". 

In the meantime, FF.v will boast how much its market cap has grown (no matter the stock has been diluted to kingdom come). Take it away, lovable parrot.

I'm amazed people fall for this outright scam.

PS: Truth is I'm not amazed. After all this is the precious metals mining Utopian dreamworld, where the naive have handed over their cash to the unscrupulous since at least the time of the California 1849 gold rush. The pattern shows no signs of stopping.