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The real lithium growth story

While the Vancouver promotion community tries to sucker you all into LIX.v, we here at IKN concentrate on the real happenings in the growth world of Lithium. The following is a small segment from IKN354, out last night.

Lithium in Chile: Where the big boys go
Not fake scams in Clayton Valley, here’s where the real lithium action is and will happen. Since President Bachelet announced a few weeks ago that lithium would become a strategic mineral and subject to separate growth plans during her government, the interest in the metal in Chile (and its continued stratospheric price rises on the world market, with battery-grade Lithium Carbonate now apparently fetching up to U$28,000/tonne) has gone mainstream.

Last week we had a new round of news with, depending on which report you read (here are two as examples (16) (17)), between six and nine foreign companies having already made formal approaches to Chile’s Ministry of Energy and Mines as regards lithium concessions, exploration, development and even production plans, with two of those inquiries including full scale presentations on planned development and production. The names of companies haven’t been officially released but reporters have already identified a few of the companies looking to move into the Chilean lithium sector and they’re some of the biggest in the world, including South Korea’s POSCO, Australia’s Talison, Japanese lithium specialist Li Energy and a company from the United States called Tesla, a name that’s probably familiar to you already.

I’ve made this point before and I’ll make it again, when it comes to lithium Chile is the number one world producer but more importantly, when it comes to the growth potential of lithium production Chile is also number one. It has the permitting procedure down pat, the infrastructure is there, the country is very miner-friendly in both fiscal and judicial terms and the scalability of its Li sector means it will ramp up faster than any other region in the world (and that includes Clayton Valley, an area play promotion scam par excellence).

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