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The Revenant (no spoilers)

Yesterday evening I went to the cinema and watched The Revenant.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio will win the Best Actor Oscar. Period. No argument. No question. Go and see the movie just to see what Di Caprio does.
  • Even though I enjoyed (definition: cinematic pleasure) Quentin's The Hateful Eight more, it's abundantly clear that The Revenant will win the Best Picture Oscar.
  • Unless The Academy gets snooty about awarding the prize to the same dude twice in a row, Alejandro González Iñárritu will win Best Director.

The Revenant is not an easy film to watch. The violent sequences, and there are several, are visceral and unflinching (e.g. the bear scene, holy crap they made that realistic), the pacing drops to a plod at times, the storyline is a tad too predictable. But it's a necessary film for anyone into movies. The depiction of the Ree as mother nature's lethal weapon is wonderfully managed. And my stars, it's visually stunning stuff. A must-watch film, it's going to clean up at The Oscars. End.