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Argentina at PDAC

Here's the scene at PDAC's Argentina presentation...

...standing room only and that's not a bad thing. Though it seems to be SRO for overweight middle-aged white males, so we can debate the merits of the demographics separately.

As for the contents of the Argentina Mining Minister's speech (delivered in Spanish, oh how the overweight middle-aged white males loved that detail, you can see how rapt be their attention to the front of the room), it's sadly more style than substance.
  • We wantz to be teh mining country yes.
  • We like miners.
  • We have teh good community relationz.
  • We likes teh business peoples.
  • etc 

But fear not, the journalists will make it sound more interesting in their gushing purple prose reports later. Because CFK's not there any more, y'see.