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Canadian capital markets set to become a little more transparent on May 9th 2016

Good ol' Setty (the long-standing site pal) gives your humble scribe the heads-up on this article from Canadian lawyer people Bennett Jones, which summarizes the rule changes set to come in on May 9th in the Canadian stock markets. The rule changes are aimed at providing more transparency in the holdings, dealings and intentions of large company shareholders. You're strongly recommended to read the whole piece, but here's the summary paragraph which gives a taste of its contents:
"The Amendments will result in more accurate publicly available information regarding the holdings of significant shareholders by requiring such shareholders to report decreases in ownership. In addition, the Amendments will lead to a greater volume of early warning reports in light of such requirement. The enhanced disclosure requirements concerning an investor’s future plans and intentions should provide greater advanced warning to target boards about potential hostile take-over bids or attempts by activist investors or other shareholders to engage in proxy contests or otherwise influence the governance of the issuer. Investors will need to carefully consider whether securities lending arrangements or derivatives trigger a disclosure obligation under the early warning regime. The Amendments should provide greater market transparency but will impose additional compliance costs on investors filing early warning reports."

Overall a good thing, but Canada's capital markets still have a long way to go to distance themselves from the scumbags and shysters who abuse their system.