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Dominican Republic crime news: What happens when you pick on the wrong old man

On February 26th, a old-looking man, who had all the signs of an easy mark for criminals, was entering his home when he was attacked and robbed by a young gang member, who was then helped by his accomplice. 

It turned out to be a fatal mistake, because the old man they picked on happens to be retired General Ramirez Guerrero of the Dominican Republic armed forces. As the two thugs made off, the general got up off the floor, went into his house, quickly came out with a rifle he had in there, chased them up the street, took aim and shot one of the two in the head, instant death. Here's the whole episode captured on film. 

The general was arrested and taken into custody, but when the video you see above was released public clamour in Dom Rep saw him let out on March 1st.