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IKN viewer stats

So I get this mail from reader AK who says:
"...something crossed my mind last night when looking at the online poll re Clive. Have you given any consideration as to what the poll might reveal about your readership volumes / subscription volumes - and if that matters?"
To which your humble scribe replies:

You think I care?

But then I get to thinking that even if I know 400 answers to a poll like that is a lot, you might think that's all the people who ever come over. And then as you cats that get killed by curiosity might care more about the viewing figures at IKN than I do, I thought it might be fun to show you. So I took this screenshot of the Google-run back office blog stats page about four minutes ago, you can see for yourself:

Basically, 10,000 pageviews yesterday, 2k and bits so far today (it's early), 142k last month, coming on for nine million since the blog started (obviously it's got better viewer figures now than in the first years). And these numbers don't include the people who read IKN via the e-mail daily digest (couple of thousand of those) or the RSS service (I have no idea, could be 1,500). Finally, please consider that IKN isn't a multi-page web-designed and marketed SEO special-technique thing. It's just a single page blog, doing its thing on a very niche subject.