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Lithium X (LIX.v): I knew I'd get one of these

This from reader "GW" tonight, with the extra special parts bold-typed and underlined by this humble corner of cyberspace:
Hi Otto,
Only recently found your blot... wish I had much sooner though. BTG looks like it was a great call.
I'm not an expert on these matters, but with respect to your latest LIX.V blog entry on Tim Young's shares... I notice the price is "deemed"... which I think means they were acquired for not-cash and that is just the market price on the date of the transaction... or some moving average.
I notice the numbers match up pretty good with these:
So... I am guessing he was somehow involved in the prior ownership of that property... though i also notice some company called Clayton Valley Something Something got shares at $0.15 during the first capital raise... so one would think that was somehow related to that property as well.
Anyways, to me not as bullish as it would have otherwise seemed... I think?
I know it's a garbage company, but I'm tempted nonetheless because it probably goes higher... it's one of the only pure lithium plays that doesn't have a ridiculous share count... or a huge market (deservedly so -- they have nothing!) but that means it can move.
Appreciate any further thoughts you may have.
At risk of repeating myself, one perspective on this is: it's not about being "right" (or righteous), it's about making money.

For the record, reader "GW", I'm sick to the back teeth with shits like you, you're a thousand times worse than the people you enable such as Giustra and represent everything that makes me vomit about the Canadian juniors scene. Go fuck yourself forever.