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More Lithium X (LIX.v) paid pumping: $40k from company to securities fraudster Jonathan Lebed

Yesterday we noted how the Frank Giustra Lithium-X scam has paid $50k to pumping scumbag Daniel Ameduri in order to push this worthless piece of crap to the stupid and naive, but it turns out that LIX has been busier than that. 

With thanks due to reader 'DS' for the heads-up, we read this morning that yesterday Jonathan Lebed's (who was prosecuted for securities trading front-running offences) new pumphouse "NIA" (wonderfully, "Preparing Americans For Hyperinflation") is also in on the scam. LIX paid U$40,000 to get Lebed's medium to pump the company in a mailer that starts like this:

It then goes on and on as per normal, but get to the small print and...
"NIA has been compensated by LIX $40,000 cash to produce a video about the company's Clayton Valley Lithium project, which NIA has agreed to feature on its web site."
...right on schedule. You can also access the video on Youtube and the NIA website (which I'm not linking to, not sullying my virgin-like lil' corner of cyberspace in that way). Again, this pump happening on the very day that the "friends'n'family' original placement at 15c came out of escrow and into free trading (with at least one block of 841,000 shares already reported sold by a significant insider yesterday). This reeks to high heaven.

By the way, it's been hilarious how the morons at, the same ones who were up in arms about the Zombie Juniors and moose pasture sellers, are now toadying round the scammer in chief Tommy Humphreys because of his part in this disgusting and obvious scam pump job LIX. How times change when there's money to be made, dumbasses, all hail the absolute power of denial.