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Seriously, you think this Largo Resources (LRO.v) restructuring deal is shareholder friendly? You people are nuts

As a prelude, I can't help but notice that the news this morning was front-run to the tune of 32% yesterday, typical Vancouver scam of course (what do you expect from a sponsor like Mark Smith?).

But to the point; it sounds all cool and wonderful that Largo (LGO.v) has "a deal", right? Bothered to read to contents or the NR yet? Yes? Ah good. Understood it? Ah, thought not, so allow IKN and the wonderful birds to help you out on what this deal REALLY means:

Further questions?

UPDATE: Setty reminds us of the "relaxed attitude" these Mark Smith company  officers have to disclosure. Oh no track record of front-running here, oh no no no no no.