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Thank you, mouthbreathers

In last week's post "The IKN Mailbag Index(TM) is now signalling a near-term retraction in gold and precious metals stocks" we noted the sudden uptick in the plug dumb end of the metals investment sector writing into your humble scribe, indicating a top for gold. We ended with:
For the record I'm expecting far fewer mails next week, as the mouthbreather end of the casino will be too busy on their bullboards blaming the Bildebergs or Goldman or PTB or "them" for gold's sudden reversal.
IKN would like to point out that indeed, mails from the mouthbreathers have been very thin on the ground these last two days.

Further questions?

PS: Yes it's true, I am at my most annoying when I'm right. Well observed there, mouthbreather.