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The IKN Mailbag Index(TM) is now signalling a near-term retraction in gold and precious metals stocks...

...due to the sudden rise in quantity of "Ha ha you said bad things about Stock XYZ and now it's up by loads and you suck ha ha ha" mails. Sadly, only the quantity has changed, quality remains at its usual levels. The smug ones from people who think they "know the market" are the funniest (you can tell which ones they are, because they'll slip "I know the markets and..." in there somewhere). And yes, they are that self-absorbed, thanks for asking.

For the record I'm expecting far fewer mails next week, as the mouthbreather end of the casino will be too busy on their bullboards blaming the Bildebergs or Goldman or PTB or "them" for gold's sudden reversal.

Retail, the crop that never fails.

Do not feed the animals.