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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Abitibi Royalites (RZZ.v): Glenn Mullan loses his cash cow...or not". It was close for third spot, less than 20 hits separating four posts, but this one sneaked onto the podium. Another example of junior mining mushroom politics.

Second Place: "The reason why the Vancouver newsletter tipsheet pumphouse community is pushing West Red Lake Gold Mines (RLG.v) at you this week". One of those three-line drive-by shooting posts that are zero content and say little or nothing of worth, but sometimes they'll take off and run. I wouldn't bother clicking through if I were you.

First Place: "OT: Michał Huniewicz takes photos of North Korea". I'm glad about this, because even though it was an OT post it was by far the best content of the week. Most popular by a mile, too. Wonderful sets of photos and insightful commentary snippets with each one. The train station shot is just wonderful.