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Choose your battles (from IKN361)

This is how the intro section of IKN361, three weeks ago, wrapped up. As the days click by and the bullish set-up in the miners gains momentum it's getting more relevant, not less:

"In this bullish phase, money will be made by many people and stocks of companies of all stripes and forms get to climb high. Not all of them of course (Do Not Feed The Animals) but a decent proportion will, that’s for sure. Some of those people and companies may or may not be deserving of their rewards according to your own criteria, but they’re going to win all the same. It won’t matter a jot whether you applaud or begrudge their success, whether you are in or out of the same stocks. Unlike Bono from U2, mining companies and their sponsors can indeed live without or without you and as noted on Saturday (1) it’s really nothing personal, it’s just capitalism baby. To that end, a small suggestion: Don’t try and participate in every hot trade idea, don’t feel envy for the success of others, don’t get downhearted when that trade you passed on nails big wins for somebody else. There’s going to be money to be made, but pick your own battles and win your own money. Jealousy doesn’t become anyone."