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Feeling a little defensive this week, Gwen?

Here's a section of the intro to this week's "Maven Letter", dated April 20th and sent over to your humble scribe by reader "L":
"The stocks I recommend are what I am buying. The Maven portfolio is my portfolio. I do not buy a stock before I recommend it and I do not sell before I say. I only participate in private placements of stocks that are already in the portfolio.

     I rely on a few other people to help me with this endeavor. First, like any good professional I have a network of friends and peers off of whom I bounce ideas and questions when I come across something I don’t understand (which happens with good regularity!). Second, researching and writing this letter, operating the business end of things, and corresponding with subscribers takes up all of my time. As such I have someone who helps me with marketing my letter and I work with a group of people to put on the Metals Investor Forum.

     None of these people know in advance when I will recommend a stock. Certainly none of them have a say in which stocks I will buy. If some of them are invested in the same equities, great; that means we see similar opportunities. But their investment accounts are separate from mine."

The art of wordsmith includes being able to give the correct impression without mentioning the facts that aren't so convenient. No mention of Scott Gibson and how he boasts he's going to make Gwen Preston a millionaire, no mention of the utter coincidence that the person Gwen Preston works for (rather than with) just happens to have bought a major portion of a private placement in a thinly traded peddler of cast-off Timmins moose pasture and that Ms. Preston coincidentally started promoting the stock just days afterwards. Yup, those seven years at Northern Miner weren't completely wasted, Gwen.