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Interesting reader mailbag part 1: Stansberry calls sell on AAU, MAX, LUG

Reader 'SM' (thank you kind sir) sends over the April 12th (i.e. today) edition of "The Stansberry Digest (from the desk of Porter Stansberry)" out this afternoon, which for one thing confirms the man owns a desk. This is good. But SM also highlights an interesting section in red which says...

 One final note before we sign off…

Since launching Stansberry Gold Investor on April 6, gold prices have gone straight up. And prices for gold stocks, which are leveraged to the price of gold, have gone even higher.

Early subscribers to the service are already sitting on large gains across the recommended portfolio. But today, many of the stocks we recommended are trading well above their buy-up-to prices.

We sent an e-mail to all Stansberry Gold Investor subscribers yesterday urging everyone to be patient… and we would like to repeat that message in today's Digest. It's unwise to chase these stocks above their maximum buy prices. You're simply taking on too much risk.

We believe the prices of gold and gold stocks will be much higher in the future. But nothing goes up in a straight line forever. We're sure that once the current excitement surrounding gold and gold stocks dies down, you'll be able to enter these positions at much better prices.

So be patient. Don't bid these stocks above their buy-up-to prices. If you weren't able to establish positions in certain companies, don't worry. We'll issue new recommendations in the near future.

...and anyone with half a market brain knows what that's signalling. If you're one of the sharps who ponied up U$1,500 last Thursday morning and bought into the main pump vehicles of LUG, or early and at lower prices, you're now being instructed to take profits at overbought prices and wait for a new lower entry point. And these are the people that don't hang around, they take their instructions from their guru and don't ask questions.

Bottom line: This BS pump is now controlling AMM, MAX and LUG to the upside and to the downside. You have been duly warned and if IIROC has any cojones it'd be all over these scumbags like a rash. 

Hey BCSC, do I get any of that new-fangled whistleblower cash?