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Interesting reader mailbag part 2: Copper Fox on the Rocks

Copper Fox (CUU.v) has been a standing joke of a copper exploreco for years, but today's news, brought to this desk by the wonderful J (IKN owes him beers over the years) is a real jewel. I think we'll just go with J's mail on this one, he nails the subject in succinct style:
Hey Otto,

Today's schadenfreude: this morning the sole mineral tenure for Carmax Mining Corp's wholly owned Eaglehead project lapsed, and about six individuals swooped in and picked the eyes out of the deposit.

Copper Fox owns 65.45% of the company and was the sole participant of a $1.5M private placement in flow-through this year in order to fund the 2016 exploration program.

I'm not sure how Carmax Mining is going to conduct it's 2016 program with no property...

Love it! Loving it too, Elmer? Not loving it, Elmer? And as this is the epitome of "Material Event", we can look forward to a big fun NR from Copper Fox in Socks mañana. And here's the screenshot of the tenure lapse, for your dee lek tay shun: