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More Stansberry mailbag, more on how they extract cash from the naive

More feedback from you nice people regarding the pump and dump insider scam that Porter Stansberry is currently playing on your sad hides, this time from reader "WS" who sent this in yesterday evening:
Dear Otto,

Thanks very much for your Stansberry posts today.  I receive 5 - 10 emails a day from this "group".  I don't send them to the spam folder because it is good to know about the latest scams...and there are plenty.  I enjoy your blog and read it every day.  Again thanks.

Regards (name supplied)
And thanks right back at you, WS. If you want to know more about the reasons for those incessant mails the Stansberry and Casey scumbags are sending you, check out the following posts from August last year on the contents of the secret Agora Handbook for selling. Well, it was secret until then anyway :-). Three posts of interest are:

Click on those and read up. I particularly like the bit when they instruct their staff to avoid spending too much marketing cash on women because, "They don’t have the emotional need that is required to set off a buying frenzy". And how Stansberry focuses on baby-boomers worrying about retirement because they waste more of their money on this tripe.