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Nevsun ( and Reservoir Minerals (RMC.v) to combine???

Here's an interesting thing for a Sunday afternoon. About 15 minutes ago, 3pm local time this Sunday 24th April, reader TO sent me over this link to the Nevsun website which announced a business combination between NSU and Reservoir Minerals (RMC.v) due to RMC's Timok project. 

It had a presentation on the page too, but when I opened that it didn't say a thing about RMC or Timok. Then on moving to the NSU front page, not a word about this company-changing deal. Then over to the Reservoir page and...nothing. And over to SEDAR and...nothing. So I took a screenshot of the page just in case and, sure enough, the link doesn't work any longer. Here's that screenshot.

Seems to me that somebody in Nevsun screwed up bigtime.

UPDATE: I'm now told that handle "Pamplonatrader" broke the story over at So good for her/him, kudos due.