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Rockstone Research on Voltaic Minerals (VLT.v) (ex Prima Diamond): All you need to know

It's this bit at the bottom of today's Rockstone paid-for advert masquerading as stock analysis:
"The author of this report is paid by Zimtu Capital Corp., a TSX Venture Exchange listed investment company. Part of the author’s responsibilities at Zimtu is to research and report on companies in which Zimtu has an investment. So while the author of this report is not paid directly by Prima Diamond Corp., the author’s employer Zimtu will benefit from appreciation of Prima Diamond Corp.’s stock price. In addition, the author owns shares of Prima Diamond Corp. and Zimtu Capital Corp. and thus would also benefit from volume and price appreciation of its stocks. In this case, Prima Diamond Corp. has one or more common directors with Zimtu Capital Corp. Thus, multiple conflicts of interests exist. Therefore, the information provided here within should not be construed as a financial analysis or recommendation but strictly as an advertisment."

And Zimtu, of all people! If you don't know how that particular house of Vancouver sharks is adept at separating the greenhorn from her or his cash, you need to do a little more DD before wading into juniors, kind reader.

"Whatever makes you think Lithium's in a bubble, Otto?" 
"Ooooh, just a hunch yaknows..."

PS: Advertisement has three Es, Rockstone people.