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Singing in the shower

The Lithium X (LIX.v) pump continues. An object lesson in mass hypnosis, fuelled by paid pumpers and deep pockets ($50k here, $40k there, access to cheap shares for the anointed) hitting the greed buttons of the naive, we breached the $1.50 line this morning:

It's also interesting to note how the people at the centre of this scam are acting, too (my thanks to reader T for sending this one in, who doesn't want to be banned from the chatroom so gets just one initial here by request). This was written by Tommy Humphreys over at this morning when the subject was the rise in LIX share price:

That links to the video below, which is fun. I assume the other people mentioned by Tommy Humphreys are also critical of LIX, they're not the only ones. You know what they say about catching yourself singing in the shower, don't you now Tommy?

For the rest of you, the word of caution: The only people who know when a classic pump turns to dump are the people at the centre of it all. Tommy Humphreys is only one degree of separation from the very centre, being a regular on Frank Giustra's private jet these days. It's like musical chairs with money, don't be left dancing when the music abruptly stops. In the meantime, feel free to do with your money what you wish and trust it to a expanding chain of Vancouver stock promoters playing a larger game than you might imagine.