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The Friday OT: Kula Shaker; Grateful when you're dead

This band was so talented they could write killer tribute songs. They should have been a lot bigger than they were.

Part Two of our Kula Shaker appreciation series (there may not be a part three), when I stuck the first one up the other day I got this mail from fellow fan MZ:
I never thought I'd encounter another soul in such a random fashion, who likes Kula Shaker. Funny world we live in. I own a couple CDs. They're far from my favorite music, but they're fun occasionally. To my ears, they're some kind of mix of Pink Floyd, Beatles, The Who, The Doors. Until your post, I had no idea they re-formed.
And here was my mail back:
I listen to absolutely everything. And the thing is, even moderate composers/musicians/singers/bands are allowed to hit one out the park on from time to time (e.g. Oasis). Kula Shaker had the shot at being very good, they decided to be occasionally good instead. So be it. But I liked Tattva from the first 15 seconds of the first listen and have a soft spot for them.

And Hush simply rocks.

Just sharing for the fun of it, I like the mails that come from the Friday OT series. Youtube linko to today's vid here.