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This Thing Isn't Like That Thing, HudBay (HBM) and Alan Hair edition

My thanks to reader and IKN Weekly subscriber 'DG' for the heads-up on this.

Here's an interesting segment of BNN TV dated April 29th 2016. It features at minute 29:00 Alan Hair, the CEO of HudBay who says on Canadian national TV that there have been no trucking problems, accident or incidents at the HudBay Constancia mine this year. 

Now compare his statements to the cruel reality. This is from IKN363 last weekend, April 24th 2016:
"On April 16th (and confirmed (3) by Peru’s OEFA enviro people on April 20th) yet another 30 tonne truckload of concentrate out of Constancia was spilled in an accident outside the mine. The area affected was around 200m2 (and to its credit, the company went about remediation and recovery of the affected area quickly this time) and thanks to the lack of strong winds, environmental damage was minor. Plenty of different Peru media channels carried the news (here’s a sample (4) (5) (6) but unsurprisingly, you up North didn’t get to hear a whisper. By my reckoning this is the seventh (crazy but true) truck spill accident out of Constancia since the mine started up last year and notably, the last time one happened it caused the protest by locals that blockaded the mine. HBM’s logistics problems in Constancia have been previously documented and the series of accidents, using overloaded trucks under time and performance pressure, is a direct result of this. Another mine-blocking protest may or may not happen this time but, it wouldn’t take much more for HBM to hit a real Black Swan event."

Amazing how Alan Hair can't remember a truck accident that was serious enough to get the Peru OEFA environment control people out and make a full report on the incident. Incredible how he didn't manage to read about it in the press. Innit guv?

So Alan, it's either that you're a bare-faced liar or you as CEO are ignorant and unaware of what's going on at your flagship operation Constancia. Dishonesty or stupidity, Alan, what's the greater crime for a CEO?