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Regarding Starcore Intl (

Here are three charts put together by your humble scribe last night while playing with the SAM model. Consider them a clue as to significance of yesterday's news from the company:

We'll go into detail on all this in IKN366, subbers. Should be fun and I get to play with numbers for days on end. A wonk gotta like that.

PS: Just to be a tease for the rest of you, here's how the analysis of Starcore Intl ( in IKN361, dated April 10th 2016, concluded:
"The bottom line is that under present circumstances is a cheap purchase, but if things start going well for both company and the macro market, this one has clear-cut chances of being one of your fabled multi-bagger opportunities. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m loading up on Starcore in the days to come."

It was 47c that day. It's now a month later and is trading heavy volumes at 79c. That's 68.1% up. Have a pleasant Thursday.