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Detour Gold (, Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( and work-related deaths

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 31, 2016) - Detour Gold Corporation (TSX:DGC) ("Detour Gold" or the "Company") reports that it was charged yesterday, along with three site employees, with offences under the Occupational Health and Safety Act relating to the fatality that occurred at the Detour Lake mine site on June 3, 2015.
"In light of the charge previously brought against the Company under the Criminal Code of Canada (as reported in the Company's news release of April 21, 2016) we anticipated that charges would be brought by the Ministry of Labour under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We believe at this time that all charges related to this incident have now been served. We are taking these charges very seriously and will need to obtain the information on which all charges have been brought in order to be in a position to comment further," stated Mr. Martin, President and CEO of Detour Gold. a reminder as to just why Kevin MacArthur of Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( decided to suppress the news about the workplace death that occurred at his company's Escobal mine in November 2015 and has been kept secret from the market, without even mentioning the death in the company's regulatory filings. 

At least DGC stands up and is counted at the time of trouble. MacArthur prefers the coward's route.