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Goodbye, Eco Oro (

And CB Gold (CBJ.v) and any other mining project located around the Páramo de Santurbán in Colombia, because today the Colombian Constitutional Court ruled that local and regional mayors and governors have the right to block mining projects in Colombia, no matter if they've been permitted at a national level.

Now it's going to depend where your mining project is located and how miner-friendly the local politicos happen to be but there are some clear-cut examples where the regional heads are dead set against mining activity and those include William Villamizar Laguado, governor of Norte Santander, where Eco Oro ( and its Angostura project is located.. Anything round there is now dead as a dodo

And I'd suspect AngloGold Ashanti will have to do some pretty serious....lobbying (err, I think that's what they call it) Tolima soon.

UPDATE: One small correction, CB Gold is in Santander region and not Norte Santander like EOM. Apart from that, we're good.