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Hudbay (HBM) ( at Constancia: Yet another truck carrying concentrate crashes

HudBay (HBM) continues to be the single most irresponsible mining company in Peru

According to the report from Peru's OEFA environmental control bureau today, the truck was carrying 35 tonnes of concentrate, about half was spilled in the crash which directly affected a 250m2 area that includes a high country marshland (often the sources of rivers in the high Andes).

According to news reports on the incident, the Mayor of the local town of Espinar is pressing formal charges against HudBay because both he and his town are fed up with the repeated accidents of trucks crashing out of Constancia.

According to IKN this is the eighth crash of exactly this type since Constancia opened. That included the one in January that got the locals so pissed they blocked the roads in and out of the mine for 72 hours.

The funniest though was just last month, when after a crash on April 16th that was officially reported to OEFA, the HudBay CEO Alan Hair went on Canada's BNN biz TV show and denied that an accident had happened on April 29th, two weeks after the event. Will he dare show his face and lie to the cameras again? Time will tell.