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Morning. Coffee.

Haven't done one of these oldschool market chat posts for a long time. My how the interwebs has changed over the years of IKN.

Today's main mover in the weird world of juniors is the owner of the Coffee deposit Kaminak (KAM.v), which has just been sold to the highest bidder. That's Goldcorp (GG). Hope you own some, nice IKN reader person.

Richmont ( is up on its 1q16 results and getting used to trading over CAD$10 these days, even though I thought the financials were a little on the lacklustre side (after the strong production numbers that are already in the price). RIC's probably moving up because of the Coffee Factor, what with TAHO (and others, we now hear) trying to close a deal with M. Marion.

As expected, B2Gold (BTG) ( trading well this morning on the back of the strong 1q16 financials we outlined in yesterday's post (not a difficult one, it was a no-brainer to call BTO higher last night. More on these numbers in IKN366 this weekend, subscribers. Disclosure: I own some and holding them.

To the downside, I'm surprised Torex ( is only off 6% on the back of losing 15% of its mine life. A case of 'all hands to the pumps' in the brokerages and spinning the bad news as much as possible "but...but...but...look at the cash flow!". 

As for Starcore (, that one's trading like a beauty as it would seem enough people have done their homework and have realized what yesterday's drill hit may mean for San Martin. More on this story in IKN366 too, subbers.  Disclosure: I own some and holding them.

Dilma Rousseff Tchau! Suspended from her job this morning, as expected.