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Peru Presidential election polling: Trend to Keiko

With the last set of voter intention polls now out, including one today from IPSOS that puts Keiko Fujimori five and a half points ahead of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski with just a week to go before the June 5th run-off vote, here's how the pollster readings have altered since the end of round one:

No doubt the trend is towards Keiko and from the second-rank data you get from all these polling results, the key aspect seems to be that undecided voters who have made up their mind are opting for Keiko over PPK. Keiko is now in a non-technical-dead-heat lead, however the cut-down Y-axis in the above chart makes the gap look bigger to the eye than it is, the lead is small and PPK still has a shot at convincing people he's the best choice in tonight's (Sunday) live TV debate. Yes Keiko has to be called favourite for the big prize from here, with polls indicating a 53/47 or 52/48 win (once the non-valid votes are discounted) but PPK isn't out of it yet.