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The B2Gold (BTG) ( 1q16 financials in two words

Kick Ass.

B2Gold filed its 1q16 financials and MD&A on SEDAR this evening, we'll probably get the NR tomorrow morning. Here's a chart, check out the columns at the end there:

Revenues were pre-announced in the production report so we knew they'd come in there. The big positive in this set of numbers is the costs number, which has dropped to U$101.8m and a simple eye-cast along the line of the last two years' worth of quarters shows how good that looks. Put those two together and the operating revenues comes out at U$42.439m, which is roughly double any recent quarter.

The market will like these numbers, be in no doubt.

Disclosure: I own some BTO.

UPDATE, late night extra: B2 just hit the send button on the NR, right here.