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The pump and dump scam site: Past, present and future

What Tommy Humphreys has put together at his website is a new version of old-time pumping and dumping that caters a new audience of millennials. The concept is fair enough and it's even managed to rope in well-known names in the Canadian mining scene who add to the chat and give the site superficial kudos (e.g. John Kaiser, Brent Cook, Eric Coffin, who are hopefully merely ignorant about the way they're being used) but when push comes to shove there are bills to be paid and the only way of doing that is transferring the cash of its audience into the back pocket of its owner, Tommy Humphreys (mentored and sponsored by Frank Giustra, dontchaknow).

Here are three examples (of many) of how that cash transfer system works. 

Past: Exhibit A is the recent pump of Lithium-X (LIX.v), the Frank Giustra lithium thing that set alight a couple of months ago. Its name was pumped at non-stop on the way up, not just by Humphreys but by his band of so-called "independent journalists" who've basically taken their 30 pieces of silver, names such as Kip Keen and James Kwantes. But then, suddenly and after Humphreys' "friends and family" early stage placement shares came out of escrow, the stock peaked and LIX has dropped by a sharp 30% or so. And coincidentally, LIX.v is off the menu at the chat and rarely mentioned these days. The only things you hear on LIX are "Oh it must be hard if you bought at the top but don't worry folks, things'll be just fine" pleasantries to soothe the concerns of the greenhorns who bought badly.

Present: Go over to now and one of the stocks they're talking about the most is IDM Mining (IDM.v), a tiny exploreco which may or may not have some copper to discover way up in the GWN, but is certainly getting an inordinate amount of airtime as the Humphreys squad puts its name in front of the casual reader time and time again. And why would that be? Here a link to today Tuesday's placement filings and here's a extract from the PDF on IDM.v's recent closed placement (just scroll down a bit, you'll find it):

Sheer coincidence, of course.

Future: IKN confidently predicts that one of the next tickers to get the full pumpo treatment will be Golden Secret, another Frank Giustra shell that's about to run its romantic narrative on the great and good of Canada. Here's part of the filing from Golden Secret's recent placement (also on that above link):

Yup, Tommy Humphreys gets another 'friends/family' placement deal. It's highly likely that his squad at are cut in on this one too, that way they'll have plenty of reason to talk the ticker up to the stars come the day the promo gets rolled out.

And of course, be in no doubt as to who will be left holding the bag when Tommy Humphreys and his friends have exchanged their paper for cash, at or near the top of the future pump job. Greenhorns, a warm welcome awaits you at, they're so pleased to meet newbies and will welcome you with smiles and hugs and love. Yes of course they're shameless but don't let that worry you, they mean you no physical harm. They just want your money.

UPDATE: I'm told IDM is a gold play, not copper. Fair enough.