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The Dilma Show

All fun in Brazil. Take a deep breath and follow this:
  • April 17th the lower house of parliament in Brazil voted to start impeachment proceedings.
  • The debate was set to move to the upper house (the Senate) this week on May 11th (i.e. tomorrow Wednesday).
  • Yesterday May 9th midday, the dude who had just taken over as acting head of the lower house decided to annul the lower house vote for procedural reasons (that he basically made up).
  • Then last evening the same dude who revoked the April 17th vote decided just a few hours later that he wasn't going to revoke it after all. Because Brazil.

We now suspect the upper house debate and vote will happen tomorrow as previously scheduled and for more on what that means, here's last week's need-to-know post on Dilma's sticky position. But will the Senate vote happen as per expected? This is Brazil, you never know...