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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order during a quiet week for the blog:

Third Place: "The Angry Geologist does Calibre Mining (CXB.v)". Your humble scribe really likes this new blog run by TAG, looks like the esteemed IKN readership does to. There are a couple of new posts out since this one as well, go check them out.
Second Place: "The Desjardins sell call on Argonaut Gold (". Highlighting a good piece of anal ysis detective work, though interesting how traders just used to weak price action early week as an excuse to buy in cheaply. Bull market is as bull market does

First Place: "This Thing Isn't Like That Thing, HudBay (HBM) and Alan Hair edition". Out last weekend after the previous "three most post", this got a lot of hits. That's good. HBM down 15% on the week is probably just coincidence, guv.